SEEDs Certification

SEEDs Teacher TrainingPomegranate Studios is sponsoring the National Teacher Certification Trainings for the Pomegranate SEEDs® (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) Youth Mentorship Program for Social Change, the second weekend of June in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. The SEEDs Teacher Training is a life-changing intensive certification program for teachers who want to bring change to the youth of their communities. In five full days you'll work through topics such as; class structure, business models (profit vs. non-profit), sourcing mentors and presenters from the community and even running a dance studio, managing a dance company, contracts and much, much more!

2020 Dates! June 12th-16th

The SEEDs Teacher Training is set up to create a micro experience of the program itself, offering a platform for self-discovery, evaluation and goal setting guaranteed to inspire any instructor to their professional course!

Intensive Package Includes:
~25 + Hours of dance and discussion
~5 Tribal Ex DVDs by Myra
~150 page Manual - A step by step guide to running your own SEEDs program
~Access to the SEEDs Teacher Training forum where women all over the world are engaged in this work and meet for discussion, inspiration and motivation
~Dance Studio Tips and Tricks

Price for five days of intensive training is $800. *PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE* Transportation, lodging, and food is not provided but we have suggestions!

Please contact Pomegranate Studios to sign up as space is very limited. More info: 505.501.2142 ~

Registration Fee

Full Training Fee

Teacher Training Itinerary (subject to change)


11:00-1:00  Dance ATS Level 1, Class 1
3:00-5:00  History of the program, what is SEEDs, aspects of the program, who teaches SEEDs, motivations of the teacher, expectations of the teacher, why Tribal style belly dance, manual.
Read from Class 1 through Class 21 for Saturday.

9:00-10:00  Dance ATS Level 1, Class 10
10:00-12:00  Talking circle – Topics to include “What is a teacher? Who is a mentor?”. Review talking circle topics and how to facilitate the flow of conversation, Goal Setting, Mentors, Journaling, Resources, Student Salons.
12:00-1:30  Lunch
1:30-2:30  Dance Practicum ATS Level 1, Class 20
2:30-5:30  Review support exercises and describe how the build towards movements, movement vocabulary discussion, class structure and format organization, explanation of stretching segments.

Read from Class 21 through Class 40 for Sunday.

10:00-11:00  Dance
11:00-12:30  Self-Esteem, Nutrition, Body & Sex Education
12:30-1:30  Lunch
1:30-2:30  Dance
2:30-4:00  Talking circle – What is money? Discuss financial independence section, including need for guest speakers.

Read from Class 41 through Class 60 for Monday.

10:00-11:00  Dance
11:00-1:00  Administration – Who are teenagers? How do we work with them and address their specific needs? How to get girls into the program, go through forms, contracts, marketing, etc…
1:00-2:00  Lunch
2:00-3:00  Dance
3:00-5:00  Administration – discuss non-profit vs. profit, fees and scholarships, impact of SEEDs program on a studio.

Read from Class 61 through 80 for Tuesday.

9:00-10:30  Dance, Salon ATS Level 2, Class 46
10:30-12:00  Closing questions and support, contact information exchange.

Evening Activities

  • Middle Eastern Hafla and Feast
  • Bar-B-Q at Myra's House
  • Student Salon


Teacher Training Graduates

SEEDs Teacher Training 2007

  • Janikea Fisher
  • Rachael Gollub
  • Sofia Onstad
  • Majdah al-Quhtani
  • Christine Siegrist
  • Lea Green
  • Bonnie Cowley
  • Heather McDonald

SEEDs Teacher Training 2008

  • Holly Luky
  • Elsanne Barrows
  • Grace Weisman
  • Natalie Rutiezer
  • Angelique Roybal
  • Jade McLellan

SEEDs Teacher Training 2009

  • Alisa Tan
  • Mary Crawley
  • Rebecca Lea
  • Christine Demarais
  • Joanna Lee
  • Ben Felix
  • Melissa Gibbons
  • Stacey Ennis
  • Cari Smith
  • Joanna Caselli

SEEDs Teacher Training 2010

  • Christine Chambers
  • Laura Murphy
  • Lori Friedman
  • Mary Nielsen
  • Robyn Werhan
  • Lori Angove
  • Loe Marcoline
  • Afiba Wallace

SEEDs Teacher Training 2011

  • Stephanie Bolton
  • Antigone Cook
  • Janikea Fisher
  • Le’a Green
  • Sanet Halck
  • Liezel Lane
  • Heather Marts
  • Ariel Poling
  • Cecilia Rinn

SEEDs Teacher Training 2012

  • Kaeshi Chai
  • Sativa Cruz
  • Tamalyn Dallal-Harris
  • Salyna Gracie
  • Heather Marts
  • Katrina McCoy
  • Carrie Moore
  • Sabrina Rhoads
  • Robyn Werhan

SEEDs Teacher Training 2013

  • Kerry Greene
  • Sarah Baxter
  • Jennifer Sobel
  • Joany Gauraeu
  • Rhea Strong
  • Cecilia and Chad Rinn
  • Caitlin Prince
  • Stephanie Bolton

SEEDs Teacher Training 2014

  • Penny Collins
  • Gypsy Raeyne
  • Mollie Kelly
  • Charlie Brewer
  • Kanako Noguchi

SEEDs Teacher Training 2015

  • Kelsey Eaton
  • Krissie Anderson
  • Khalima Sikrosky
  • Sandra Medrano
  • Valori Janne
  • Amanda St. James
  • Amelia “Fancy” Logan
  • Jennifer Sheely
  • Julia Weiss
  • Heidi Hernandez
  • Elle Newport
  • Britni Ashkenazi
  • Lea Nichols
  • Ziah McKinney Taylor