SEEDs Certification

Stay tuned for 2024 dates!

Pomegranate Studios is host to the National Teacher Certification Trainings for the Pomegranate SEEDs® (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) Youth Mentorship Program for Social Change at our studio in beautiful Santa Fe, NM. Contact Myra for more info: 505.501.2142 ~ 

The SEEDs Teacher Training is a life-changing intensive certification program for teachers who want to bring change to the youth of their communities. In five full days you'll work through topics such as; class structure, business models (profit vs. non-profit), sourcing mentors and presenters from the community and even running a dance studio, managing a dance company, contracts and much, much more!

The SEEDs Teacher Training is set up to create a micro experience of the program itself, offering a platform for self-discovery, evaluation and goal setting guaranteed to inspire any instructor to their professional course!

Intensive Package Includes:
~25 + Hours of dance and discussion
~5 Tribal Ex DVDs by Myra
~150 page Manual - A step by step guide to running your own SEEDs program 
~Access to the SEEDs Teacher Training Facebook group where women all over the world are engaged in this work and meet for discussion, inspiration and motivation
~Dance Studio Tips and Tricks 

Price for five days of intensive training is $850. *PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE*

Please contact Pomegranate Studios to sign up as space is very limited. More info: 505.501.2142 ~

Deposit Fee (*if opting for payment plan*)

Full Training Fee


Teacher Training Graduates

SEEDs Teacher Training 2007

  • Janikea Fisher
  • Rachael Gollub
  • Sofia Onstad
  • Majdah al-Quhtani
  • Christine Siegrist
  • Lea Green
  • Bonnie Cowley
  • Heather McDonald

SEEDs Teacher Training 2008

  • Holly Luky
  • Elsanne Barrows
  • Grace Weisman
  • Natalie Rutiezer
  • Angelique Roybal
  • Jade McLellan

SEEDs Teacher Training 2009

  • Alisa Tan
  • Mary Crawley
  • Rebecca Lea
  • Christine Demarais
  • Joanna Lee
  • Ben Felix
  • Melissa Gibbons
  • Stacey Ennis
  • Cari Smith
  • Joanna Caselli

SEEDs Teacher Training 2010

  • Christine Chambers
  • Laura Murphy
  • Lori Friedman
  • Mary Nielsen
  • Robyn Werhan
  • Lori Angove
  • Loe Marcoline
  • Afiba Wallace

SEEDs Teacher Training 2011

  • Stephanie Bolton
  • Antigone Cook
  • Janikea Fisher
  • Le’a Green
  • Sanet Halck
  • Liezel Lane
  • Heather Marts
  • Ariel Poling
  • Cecilia Rinn

SEEDs Teacher Training 2012

  • Kaeshi Chai
  • Sativa Cruz
  • Tamalyn Dallal-Harris
  • Salyna Gracie
  • Heather Marts
  • Katrina McCoy
  • Carrie Moore
  • Sabrina Rhoads
  • Robyn Werhan

SEEDs Teacher Training 2013

  • Kerry Greene
  • Sarah Baxter
  • Jennifer Sobel
  • Joany Gauraeu
  • Rhea Strong
  • Cecilia and Chad Rinn
  • Caitlin Prince
  • Stephanie Bolton

SEEDs Teacher Training 2014

  • Penny Collins
  • Gypsy Raeyne
  • Mollie Kelly
  • Charlie Brewer
  • Kanako Noguchi

SEEDs Teacher Training 2015

  • Kelsey Eaton
  • Krissie Anderson
  • Khalima Sikrosky
  • Sandra Medrano
  • Valori Janne
  • Amanda St. James
  • Amelia “Fancy” Logan
  • Jennifer Sheely
  • Julia Weiss
  • Heidi Hernandez
  • Elle Newport
  • Britni Ashkinazy
  • Lea Nichols
  • Ziah McKinney Taylor

SEEDs Teacher Training 2019

  • Alexa Midgley
  • Bonny Moss
  • Chloe Rudinoff
  • Ines Andrade
  • Leina Gries
  • Malia Christina Mihailoff
  • Nancy Eder 
  • Sabrina Thomas
  • Sheilagh Falcigno 
  • Yeva Chisholm

SEEDs Teacher Training 2021

  • Alex Aranda
  • Alexa Midgley
  • Bahaia Betsi Robins
  • Bailey Sloane
  • Cassandra Joan Artukovich
  • Cecilia Rinn
  • Victoria King
  • Yeva Chisholm