Begins January 8th 10:30am!

S(isterhood) O(pportunity) P(lay) H(ealth) I(nspiration) A(cualization) 

SEEDS (Sef-Esteem, Empowerment, and Education through Dance)

Sophia SEEDs is an integrative dance workshop for adult women!

This 3 month long workshop will help you to discover and embody your own voice and hidden depths through the soulful healing arts of belly dance , journaling, meditation, creating vision boards and so much more. Our circle session has the capacity to gently guide us back to our most authentic selves, our most intimate questions, concerns and longings. Belly dance exalts the sacred feminine and connects mind, heart and body in ways that bring fresh life and vigor to the soul. Both belly dance and coming together offer us potent tools for our healing, greater authenticity, and spiritual growth as women. Both are paths of Sophia—the feminine divine wisdom, in which the heart is the recognized as the fount of all wisdom, creativity, and love. This wisdom can heal the cultural split between body and spirit, mind and heart, Eros and wisdom, which impacts our ability as individuals to be whole and to recover the sense of beauty in our lives. Over three playful, rich months we will inquire into who we deeply are, uncovering our authentic selves while dancing, writing, contemplating and sharing together, freeing ourselves to embody our passion and soul’s purpose more powerfully. 

*Self-Esteem and Body Image
*Financial Literacy
*Relationships and Community

Tuesdays 10:30am - 12:30pm
January, February, March 

$300 Total or $135 per month

Only 10 spots available! Register Now! 

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