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*Due to COVID-19, Pomegranate SEEDs® is not happening for the year 2020. Please stay tuned for information about our 2021 SEEDs programs!*

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About:  Pomegranate SEEDs® is an after-school program for young women (13-18 yrs).  The class meets 2 days a week throughout the school year.  Participants will receive instruction in Pomegranate Improvisational Dance (PID), and will use journals and talking circles to discuss a range of issues including self-esteem, body-image, financial independence, and personal goals. 

Myra conducts talking circle during SEEDs Belly dance classWhen:  


What to Wear:  Wear dance attire or comfortable clothing (No jeans).  There will be a lot of movement and stretching. 

What to Bring:  Bring a pen and journal to every class. 

We are looking forward to another year of Pomegranate SEEDs® in 2021, and excited to share our love of dance!


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