SEEDLINGs (Ages 5-8) and Little SEEDs (Ages 9-12)

Little SEED in class1st and 2nd level Bellydance Instruction - Part of the Nationally Recognized Pomegranate SEEDs® (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) Youth Mentorship Program

  • Build kinesthetic Awareness
  • Build Healthly body Image and Self-Esteem
  • Build Confidence
  • Promote healthy relationships between girls
  • Develop inner voice and leadership skills
  • Establish Performance Skills
  • Cultivate Emotional Regulation

SEEDLINGs 10am-11:00am
Little SEEDs 11:00am-12:00pm

Fall Semester Classes
September TBA through December TBA 

Spring Semester Classes
January 13th through April 28


Designed for children ages 5-8, this first level class focuses on kinesthetic awareness, building fine and large motor skills, developing a dance vocabulary and maturing each child’s ability to emotionally regulate, laying the foundation for healthy self-esteem. These goals are met by using the improvisational dance form Tribal Style Bellydance and talking circles, and begins their SEEDs journey.
The hour long class begins with an easy to follow warm up, followed by a practicum which introduces the girls to basic tribal movement technique, building endurance and stamina. Each class includes a fun interactive game designed to build performance confidence and ends with a brief cool down stretch that transitions the group into a talking circle. The girls are encouraged to discuss topics relevant to their age.

SEEDLINGs Spring Semester Registration

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Little SEEDs

Developed for children ages 9-12 this second level class focuses on kinesthetic awareness, furthering the dance vocabulary and technique. Emphasis is placed on building healthy self-esteem. The class focuses on the improvisational dance form Tribal Style Bellydance and incorporates World Dance choreography. The class begins with a cardio-building practicum, followed by a detailed breakdown of each movement, and each class ends with a movement game designed to build performance skills and dance confidence. The movement game transitions the class into a talking circle which allows each girl to find her voice on a variety of topics.

Little SEEDs Spring Semester Registration

To register for the Little SEEDs Spring semester, please pay with PayPal , Click Here!