Our private gifting goal this year is $25,000.
Please make all checks over $50 payable to The New Mexico Dance Coalition
Send to: Pomegranate Studios
369 Montezuma Ave, #287
Santa Fe, NM  87501

Gifts Help Assist The Following:

  • Pomegranate SEEDs® (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) A Nine Month Long Youth Mentorship Program for Teen Girls
  • Pomegranate Studios -A studio space that acts as a place for art to flourish, dancers to train and a community to grow, serving women and men ages 7 to 97
  • Outreach programs that touch the lives of over 5,000 young women in New Mexico
  • Our Week Long World Summer Dance Camps that are offered FREE to at-risk and low-income girls in our community
  • A performance series of 60 free shows donated to assisted living homes, other arts organizations, schools, charities, and more....
  • Mosaic Dance Company's annual stage production Invaders of the Heart
  • A National SEEDs Teacher Training that brings SEEDs programs into other communities across the globe

80 Teachers Trained   22 Programs Up and Running.

In Deepest Gratitude,
Myra Krien

Deity – $1000

Heavenly Body – $500

Angel – $250

Patron – $100

Supporter – $75

Friend – $50



Thank you SO MUCH to our friends from all over the world who donated to our SEEDs Programs this year! So far we have met
$12,027 of our fundraising needs. 
We are almost there! Help us to complete our goal of
$15,000. Follow the links below! 

Thank you so much for your support. 
Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for your support! 


Thank you from our hearts to yours for each of you who contributed to our SEEDs Programs in 2018!

We would like to personally thank the Bellydance Bundle ($3,000), The McCune Foundation, Anonymous ($1,500), Kitty Bryan ($1,500), Anders Richter ($1,000), Green Star Builders, Karla and Jesse Gries ($300), Gene Shapiro ($250) Amalia Thomas ($250) Norman Lee Johnson ($200), Angela Thorndyke ($150), Patrick Christopher ($100), Julie Fields ($100), Lenore Gallegos ($100), The Isis Foundation ($100), Nick Meyer ($100), Kathi and Terry Province ($100), Tracy Webb Widener ($100), Melinda LaValle ($100),  Deborah and Jim Weilgusz ($100), Aline Harris-Ellis ($100), Nancy Eder ($72), Douglas Cox of Advantage Construction ($70), Nora Edelstein Coaching ($60, Kaeshi Chai ($50), Tania Boheme ($50), Jennifer Martin ($50), Jessica Johns ($50), Peter Van Ness ($50), Audrey Eden Kassar ($50), Melissa Dallett ($50), Elise Campbell ($50), Cecile Lipworth ($50), Rick Stevens ($50), Alexandra Eldridge ($50), Peter Breslin ($50),  Catherine Hebenstreit ($50), Manami Uehara ($50), Anna Vanderlaan of Keller Williams ($50), Laura Murphy ($50), Marissa del Rio ($50), Holly Rudinoff ($45), John Reid ($45), James Louie ($45), Donavon Lerman ($40), Nancy Ouimet ($25), Renee Schildkraut ($25), Victoria Zel ($25), Nelleke Pielaat ($25), Sharon Rose Dozar ($25), Dalia Carella ($25), Lauren Boldt ($20), Jacob Martinez ($20), Laura Walsh ($20), Dawn Jacobsen ($20), Lisa Blair ($20), Jennifer Sobel ($20), Tallulah James ($20), Jade Walters ($20), Lisa Stuckey of Space Cowgirls Organizing ($20), Daniel Quat ($20), Cynthia Koenig ($20), Amanda Monjure ($20),  Siiri Sanchez ($20), Yahminah Ain ($20), Sandra Medrano ($20),Stephanie Bolton ($20), Jim Grippo ($20), Denise Park ($20), Holly Rudinoff ($20), Ashley Enright ($20), Robert Price, Susan Frankovich ($10), Halle Treanor ($10), Heather Shoopman ($5), Melissa Sproul-Singh ($5).