Performance Options

Mosaic Dance CompanyThe Mosaic Dance Company, as well as Almaaz Assahara and the Ahatti Apprentice Company, are the creation of one of Santa Fe’s most gifted artists. Myra Krien has introduced us to the ancient art of belly dancing at the highest level, and she also devotes countless hours of each week in mentoring the young women in other life skills and in self-esteem.  To watch a performance of this company is to be moved to tears by not only the beauty and skill of these young dancers, but to feel their passion and quietly grounded self-esteem. It is obvious that the lives of these girls have been forever changed by the experience of working with Myra, not only in the classroom and on the stage, but also during the very focused mentoring of her brilliant “SEEDs®” program. Myra Krien is simply a remarkable teacher and an inspiration life changer. We are lucky to have her here in Santa Fe.

– Ali MacGraw

Renowned for technical and artistic expertise the Mosaic Dance Company presents a diverse innovative repertory that honors the traditions of Middle Eastern arts as they relate to American culture and offers a vital contemporary language pushing the limits of the dance form to incorporate an expressive world view.

Mosaic Dance Company is well known for a wide variety of performances. Listed below are descriptions of Mosaic Dance Company shows that are possible to book through Pomegranate Studios.

  • Egyptian Style Belly Dance
  • The Soloist
  • Tribal Style Belly Dance
  • Flamenco Fusion
  • East Indian Fusion
  • Kimono Set
  • Tribal Tableau
  • Full Stage Productions

All the following descriptions are flexible and any performance can be tailored to suit your events particular needs. Contact Pomegranate Studios to discuss your vision and to receive a price quote.

Egyptian Style Belly Dance is a favorite for Arabic events, weddings, cultural festivals, private parties, nightclubs or theater stages. Mosaic Dance Company pays tribute to the great dancers of Egypt by evoking their elegant and mesmerizing belly dance styles. Mosaic Dance Company performs a variety of dances to live or recorded music ranging from the classics of Egypt, Oum Kalsoum, Mohammed Abdul Wahab, etc., to the most popular songs from today’s Arabic singers. Egyptian Style belly dance can be performed by the ensemble or with a featured lead dancer.

The Soloist (Egyptian Style Belly Dance)The Soloist (Egyptian Style Belly Dance) is ideal for house parties or intimate events like weddings, birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions..  Our beautiful, elegant and highly trained soloists can perform traditional or more contemporary belly dance styles.

Tribal Style Belly DanceTribal Style Belly Dance is especially well suited to outdoor festivals, weddings, private parties, nightclubs or theatre stages.  This colorful and richly textured fusion style, performed by three or more dancers is a diverse, artistic, cultural dance form that spans the regions of India, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain and its expression through the varied and complex music of these same cultures.

Flamenco Fusion or Belly BailleFlamenco Fusion or Belly Baille is a complex, rich and dynamic performance that blends dance forms from flamenco, oriental and tribal style belly dance, jazz, hip-hop, and classical lndian dance into an exciting, unforgettable performance. The costumes and music are also a richly textured fusion of traditional influences with contemporary styling. This popular and highly requested show, performed by two to twenty dancers is excellent for any occasion.

Classical Indian FusionClassical Indian Fusion combines traditional Indian dances with the tribal style belly dance.  In authentic Indian costuming from Rajistan to traditional Indian wedding dresses these dances are performed to contemporary Indian music.  This lovely, colorful and richly embroidered performance of three or more dancers lends itself to cultural festivals, weddings, private parties, or theatre settings.

Kimono SetKimono Set is an abstract painting of the Orient come to life.  With parasols, fans and long swaths of silk, broad strokes are created in exquisite kimono costuming.  This is fusion all the way from Japan to the Middle East.  Unusual and exotic this breathtaking piece is meant for festivals and theatre stages.

Tribal TableauTribal Tableau celebrates the vibrant cultural heritage of the Middle East. In this program dances from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Turkey, as well as tribal style belly dance, ignite on one stage. The dancers and musicians assemble in a semi-circle and take turns performing these different dances. As the others wait their turn to dance, they create a beautiful “odalisque” tableau stepping directly out of the painted page. Tribal Tableau is especially suitable for outdoor festivals and theatre stages, but can be tailored to most performance situations.

Full Stage ProductionsFull Stage Productions are created and performed annually by Mosaic Dance Company.  Each year new works are brought to the stage in a variety of styles. Alternately, large-scale thematic multi-media works are created. These shows are vibrant, colorful, rich and exciting – a feast for the senses.