Please contact Myra Krien for booking information and availability for Mosaic Dance Company, Ahatti, & Almaaz Assahara.


Mailing Address:
369 Montezuma Ave. #287
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Physical Address:
1935 Warner Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87505

What a gift to our community Myra Krien is! Her Mosaic Dance Company, as well as Almaaz Assahara and the Ahatti Apprentice Company are all brilliant examples of the ancient art of belly dancing. The performances are of the very highest caliber, with magnificent choreography, costumes, lighting, and of course, the dancing itself. I was so moved by the passion of these very young Santa Fe dancers, and by the quality of their art and their commitment to it. Myra’s tireless work with these beautiful young women has paid off so clearly; they are not only lovely performers, but clearly (and thanks to Myra’s complex program of mentoring, as well as dance) they are connected with each other in pride and self-esteem and pure joy. It is absolutely thrilling to watch t his growth and blossoming and a treat to be present at one of their dazzling performances. It is a privilege to witness the spiritual and artistic and artistic power of the Mosaic dance Company, and to know absolutely that the girls’ lives have been changed forever by their experience with this program, as well as by the “SEEDs®” mentoring program.

- Ali MacGraw