Myra Krien is available to teach the following workshops. Please contact Pomegranate Studios for booking inquiries.

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Breathtaking Veil:

This workshop teaches you the mastery of veil work. Working with three different varieties of veil; silk, chiffon and organza, we cover the following: history of the veil, musical selection, veil wraps, beginnings and endings, veil technique, fluidity of movements, and over ten veil movements and turns: sail, cross-over and under, keyhole/butterfly, Arabesque, grapevine, poofs, thread the needle, chalkboard circle, chalkboard 1 1/2, and turns.

Sexy Hip Circles:

Learn the signature hip circles of the greatest dancers in the history of our art: Samia Gamal, Nadia Gamal, Fifi Abdou, Sohair Zeiki, and others. This workshop covers the anatomy of a hip circle, teaching solid technique and providing an analytical tool to break down any hip circle. Twelve different hip circles will be taught:

  1. Silk Stockings
  2. Reach Infinity
  3. Hip Cat
  4. Turn Around Drop Down
  5. Half Moon Drop
  6. Inside-out
  7. Infinite Umi
  8. Baby turn hip circle
  9. Traveling Record Player
  10. Travel the Clock
  11. Dip
  12. The Cat


The art of improvisation is the dancer’s highest art form. Learn the history of taksim, how to interpret each instrument visually, follow the phrasing, and analyze geometric shape that expresses the sound you hear. This workshop will work with a variety of circles, figure eights, arm and hand movements, shimmies and turns.


Combinations help the dancer to improvise or create a piece of choreography. Eight exciting combinations are taught in this routine, each from a different family of movement and in a different floor pattern:

  1. Undulation V
  2. Infinite Egyptian
  3. Traveling Tush push
  4. Undulation Step Back-Twist
  5. Chase Turns
  6. Undulation Turn
  7. Grapvine Infinity


Drill your shimmies to an articulate perfection with support exercises and an anatomical break down that leads to exquisite precision. The following Shimmies will be taught: Vibrational Shimmies and Layering, Traveling 3/4 Shimmy Down Up Down and Up Down Up, Tunisian Twisty Shimmies, Hagala, Ghawazee, Maya 3/4, Shimmy Shimmy Drop, Out Up Down.


Myra is available to teach choreographies to over twenty five different popular songs: Warda, Leilat Hob, Ice Queen, Mille Nuits and many more, as well as drum solos.


Beginning, Intermediate and/or Advanced vocabularies of movement, in the slow, medium and fast families. Partnering and formations with different numbers of dancers. Drum Rhythms and zils.

Flamenco Fusion:

4 different choreographies are available, as well as skirt work, manton, and technique work with hands, arms, posture and turns from Flamenco. Flamenco is combined with movements from ATS®, Indian Temple Dance, Oriental, Jazz and Hip-Hop.


V is for Vision Quest

You are a PHENOMENAL being. This workshop is an exploration through different exercises and modalities of sight, seeing and vision as it relates to dance, choreography and creation.

From Taxsim to Tarab: The Language of Love ~ Healing Through Ecstasy

Through the creation of sacred geometric symbols, such as circles, figure eights, spirals and vibrations, we will explore the opening of our hearts to the healing powers of love through ecstatic experience. No previous dance experience required. If you are a professional dancer, take your performance to knew depths and heights, by experiencing these techniques, to bring the love within, throughout.

Hip Hop Happenin' Tribal Fusion Combinations

Funkalicious and groovtastic these combos are FUN to add to your tribal repertoire. While still truly belly dance they "say it" with a syncopated edge!

Tribal Fusion 1920's Style

Made famous by the likes of Rachael Brice, Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes, this tribal fusion choreography harkens back to that slap dash era.


 Veil: The Revelation of Intimacy

Beyond technique we must ask ourselves, 'What is our dance about?'  'What are we saying?' We are often taught that the veil dance is a 'conceal and reveal dance', a dance of mystery and seduction that can, as in the dance of the seven veils, lead a man to his death. What is the history and context of the veil? What is our story? What does the veil reveal about each of us? 

Tribal: A Winged Migration

The most profound experience in Tribal is the moment when we are all dancing together. Without words, without choreography, we move as one organism sharing the experience of union. This profound moment can take time to create through training and learning the language. Through a brief exercise we will create and share in this experience. Talking Circle: What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to share in an experience?


Advanced Choreography
Delve into the passion of Entel Hob. This exquisite, heart felt love song hearkens back to the Golden Era of Egyptian Bellydance.

Story Telling: Taxsim to Tarab ~The Language of Love~
This workshop explores emotional story telling through the musical stylings of Taxsim and Tarab. We will investigate the emotional landscape of different instrumentation, informed by storyline and layered with emotional context. (Advanced)