Steps of Confidence

SEEDs® Program Teaches Girls More than Dance

By Kaeleigh Stengle In Generation Next, The New Mexican July, 2009

Body Image and personal self-worth are perhaps two of the biggest issues concerning young women.  There are so many idealized images of what girls should be, and for those who do not “fit in” there can be serious repercussions.  In recent years Myra Krien has been teaching young girls to be confident and love their bodies through her SEEDs® program.

Krien created the Pomegranate SEEDs program, which stands for Self-esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance, in 2001.  Each year, 25 girls are accepted into the program that runs for a full academic year.  The classes take place three times a week for 90 minutes.  Not only is this program meant to teach girls to be more confident, but it also teaches them the ancient art of belly dancing.  At the end of the course, some of the girls may be invited to join Mosaic Dance Company, the professional company behind Pomegranate Studios.

Through the course of the program the participants learn to dance, have group discussions and welcome guest speakers.

Ariana Hatcher, 15, said her favorite aspects are “the connection between everyone and the talking circles and the dancing too.”

At the same time, Katie Trusty, 18, said her favorite thing was, “just learning new things every day and the fact that there is no competition.”

Krien said several things led to the creation of SEEDs.  “I had a very difficult time as a teen,” she said.  “When I started my studio a lot of young girls were coming and spending time talking to me about issues.  I looked at the stats for teen girls in New Mexico and it made me feel like we needed to do more for the youth in this town.”

The program has had a lasting effect on many.  “It has made me a lot more confident, definitely, when you have to get up on stage and dance, and I met a lot of new people,” said Rachel Marx, 15. 

Krien said SEEDs, through its lessons and motivational speakers, helps girls overcome the many obstacles they face, especially when it comes to body image and finances.

“I learned a lot about finance through guest speakers,” Trusty added.

This is an important program that is beneficial to all who participate, Krien said.

“I just think it’s incredibly fun,” she said.  “They will learn so much about dance and life and will make incredible friendships.”

The SEEDs program is accepting applications.  Those who would like to register can visit the web site at or stop by Pomegranate Studios, 535 Cerrillos Road, above Sage Bakehouse.