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SEEDS® Quotes:

I would never have been able to move to San Francisco, where I didn’t know a single human being, and be able to pay my rent, be in school, and keep dancing, without the support that SEEDs gave me.

- Leah Woods

It is obvious that the lives of these girls have been forever changed by the experience of working with Myra, not only in the classroom and on the stage, but also during the very focused mentoring of her brilliant “Seeds” program.

- Ali McGraw, March 2007

About Myra Quotes:

In addition to being a selfless teacher, Krien is a mesmerizing dancer. Her voluptuous frame embodies the depth and soul of this ancient dance form.

- Dance Magazine, June 2006

Within a few minutes of meeting Myra, you know you are in the presence of a different kind of poet, a body poet, a woman who teaches you how to enter the world in every way, using your mind, certainly, but also your heart, your soul, your rhythm.

- Bliss Magazine, Winter 2005

When she dances she transcends her physical self. She is no loner Myra. She is everything and everything is her. It’s like her soul is dancing.

- Heather McDonald

Myra Direct Quotes:

By sharing my experience with these girls, being able to listen with compassion, offering them a place to be, offering them an appropriate container for their blossoming woman hood and giving them the tools, I hope that they will have a better future, better self-esteem, economic stability, and a feeling of personal success.

- Myra Krien, Bliss Magazine, Winter 2005

Mosaic Dance Company Quotes:

To watch a performance of this company is to be moved to tears by not only the beauty and skill of these young dancers, but to feel their passion and quietly grounded self-esteem.

- Ali McGraw, March 2007


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