Tribal Ex Level 2 – Fast

Tribal Ex Level 2 – Fast

Tribal Ex is a series of five DVDs created by Myra Krien of Pomegranate Studios to act as class companions for an all over Tribal workout. They are both instructional and fitness oriented in order to offer the student the most complete experience possible.

In this third of five DVDs, Myra Krien, accompanied by Gregory Gutin on Darabukah, will instruct the student through the following information:

  • Introduction to Pomegranate Studios
  • Posture and Anatomy
  • Positions
  • Level 2 Fast Movements
    • Featuring 18 different Movements and Variations
  • Support Exercises
  • Stretching
  • Rhythms and Zils
    • Featuring six essential Rhythms and two Finger Cymbal Patterns

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