Study & Perform w/ Myra Krien in Portland, OR!

Myra Oriental
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Formation Studios 5516 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR

Study w/ Myra Krien for a day of Oriental Workshops then stay on for an Evening of Live-Music Performance w/ Ritim Egzotik!

S*O*U*L Signature Oriental Universal Language
Completely New! Get your oriental groove flowing w/ this new improv style! Arabic dance is the dance of the soul! These signature Oriental combinations can be used in both individual and group improvisation for Raks Sharqi.

Signature Hip Circles
Learn the signature hip circles of the greatest dancers in the history of our art: Samia Gamal, Nadia Gamal, Fifi Abdou, Sohair Zeiki, and others. This workshop covers the anatomy of a hip circle, six hip circles of the "greats" and you will create your very own signature hip circle!

Story Telling: Taxsim to Tarab ~The Language of Love~
This workshop explores emotional story telling through the musical stylings of Taxsim and Tarab. We will investigate the emotional landscape of different instrumentation, informed by storyline and layered with emotional context. Through the creation of sacred geometric symbols, such as circles, figure eights, spirals and vibrations, we will explore the opening of our hearts to the healing powers of love through ecstatic experience. No previous dance experience required. If you are a professional dancer, take your performance to knew depths and heights, by experiencing these techniques, to bring the love within, throughout.
All Workshops & Show: $120
Individual Workshops: $45 each

Performance w/ Live Music from Ritim Egzotik
Doors 7:30pm ~ Performance 8pm
Tickets $15

Myra Krien is a renowned Middle Eastern dance artist, an international performer, choreographer and teacher of belly dance. Krien has performed on some of America’s most prestigious stages, toured internationally, performed for PBS and Japanese television and been reviewed by national publications such as Dance Magazine, Bliss and the Santa Fean. After returning to her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico she opened her school of dance, Pomegranate Studios, founded Pomegranate SEEDs (Self-esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) a non-profit youth mentorship program and her state-of-the-art fitness program Funk-Ex. Krien is the 2018 recipient of the Santa Fe Mayor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, as well as the 2018 Best of Santa Fe Award in the category of "Best Dance Company" Top 3.

Ritim Egzotik is a modern Turkish and Arabic music ensemble from Portland, Oregon, USA. Like a chef creating their own unique version of classic French dishes, Ritim Egzotik respectfully plays classic and popular Arabic and Turkish compositions and tosses in a bit of Prog Rock and Psychedelic spices to add their own twist and to modernize these songs they love. Added to this feast of sounds are Greek and Turkish Roman(Gypsy) favorites. Ritim Egzotik performs with the best local and international Middle Eastern Dance Artists and is available for performances including acoustic, concert, club, or private party settings.

More info: Myra Krien
505-501-2142 ~



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  • Saturday, November 23, 2019 12:00am - 12:00pm