Invaders of the Heart 2023: The Radiant Tarot (Austin)

A woman and raven blend together in front of a purple starry night background.

In this new touring theatrical dance production, Invaders of the Heart 2023: The Radiant Tarot, the dance artistry of Myra Krien meets the visual artistry of Alexandra Eldridge. This performance follows the archetypal fool’s journey from innocence to maturity through the lush visual landscape of paintings by Alexandra Eldridge from her and author Tony Barnstone’s recently released deck, The Radiant Tarot: Pathway to Creativity. Led by artistic director and choreographer Myra Krien, and featuring the Mosaic Dance Company, the Starbelly Dancers and Drake Von Trapp, this multimedia collaboration revolves around the journey every human being embarks upon for meaning.

When: Saturday,  August 19th 2023
Doors: 6:00pm - Enjoy personal tarot readings, merchandise, and an opportunity to meet the artists! 
Show: 7:30pm
Where: The Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road. Austin, 78704

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