A Musical Weekend with Meg York

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Saturday 21st
Workshop & Hafla Dance Party with Meg York and Friends

Workshop $45 at the door, $40 in advance 

Hafla Dance Party $20


Live music brings connection to the dance experience, no matter the technical level of the dancer or musician.  Within improvisation or pre-rehearsed choreography the tradition of "Taksim" or modal improvisation in Middle Eastern Music arcs towards a true collaboration in real time -- the dancer dances the music and the musician plays for this new movement, both giving and taking artistic expression.   
Within the common practice of Belly Dance and other improvised dance forms, several cues and techniques can be shared to help with the mental transition to improvisation.  There are ways to map this time together that are mutually respectful and light hearted.  Please join us as we hold space for this depth of experience and learn a lot about traditional musical structures from Meg York, an ethnomusicologist from Denver, Colorado.  
Meg went to UNM in the 90's and toured with Pablo Rodarte's Dance Espana.   She has performed and taught workshops across the United States, Mexico and Turkey, embodying musical styles ranging from Turkish clarinet to Classical Arabic to ancient Persian.  She applies Western pedagogy to her workshops, creating a safe, inquisitive, and frankly, fun way to get more comfortable with live music interaction.  

Maqaam 12:30 - 2pm
Maqaam refers to Arabic musical modes.  However Maqaam is more than its scale or group of notes.  Each Maqaam has recognizable melodic patterns even if highly embroidered.  The Maqaam most often used for folkloric and classical Middle Eastern dance is Hejaz.  We'll access Maqaam Hejaz through different experiences:  hearing it by ear both sung and played on different instruments, mark through several Hejaz melodies at different tempos, rhythms and from different traditions, listen to Maqaam Hejaz improvisation without rhythm, and finally hearing clear resolution patterns that signal where Hijaz Maqaam  begins and ends. 
Taksim, or Maqaam improvisation, has melodic contours that venture from and return to a main note, or root. Learning to hear the root lets you embroider your movement in conjunction with improvisation with or without a pulse.  You'll know when an improvised section is nearing its end --you can hear when it's going to resolve -- and that in turn places where your dance transitions will occur.  From improvisation to musical composition, Maqaam is the foundation. 

Transition 2:30 - 4pm
Transitions happen constantly within dance and live music.  We'll learn to hear sections, finesse that moment between sections, and adjust to live musicians that play a section slower or faster than expected.  We'll touch on how to shift from improvisation to composition. We'll learn to transition from reacting to the rhythm to reacting to the melody to demonstrate your dance embodiment.  This empowers connection between musician and dancer and where you, the dancer, dance the music, and the musician plays the dance.   It's a joy to experience.  Please join us!  

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Check Meg out here: https://www.facebook.com/kebirbrhili/videos/1721588807871005/

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